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N40 Full Kit

N40 Full Kit






N40 (40 gals / 180 l) Full Kit. (Hang-On Kit)

The kits are safe for both Marine and Freshwater aquariums.

For 0 - 50ppm nitrate systems

Combined together, the Nitrate and ph booster is a perfect combination keeping the biological and chemical levels in balance. With the slow feed going through Nitrate Reactor, then the ph Booster Reactor improves water quality... Reduced nitrates (if not all) and a stable Alkalinity in your aquarium.


Running this N40 will not only decrease nitrates (if not eradicate nitrates) within your system, will also add Minerals and calcium into your system through the dissolving of the calcium.

Extra calcium is added due to the process of the sulphur running at around ph6-6.5. The calcium will buffer ph back to around ph7.8 - 8.2 depending on bio-load... running as both a nitrate and calcium reactor all in one.


The Nitrate (yellow) media will last from 2-4 yrs ... and the Calcium will last around 12mths before requiring topping up.

With these reactors they come with a kit allowing you to use any existing pump supply... no need to buy an additional pump. This is done by the use of a Tee Piece (supplied) .. this allows you to 'cut' into the out going pipe of the pump... and as these reactors are drip fed, there will be no or little interference with the running of the existing pump ... so you can use your external, return or a power head to run.

The Kit contains everything for need to get going.


Kit Consists Of :

Nitrate Reactor, Calcium Reactor, Both Media's, Adjustment Valve, Piping (2metres) and Tee Piece.

When purchasing please state size of tee piece required ie 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm or 40mm



Dimensions :

Height : Nitrate 225 mm, Calcium 300mm
Base footprint: 60mm x 60mm Ea.
Column Dia : 40mm Ea.

  • Instructions

    Allow 1 drip per 3 seconds till nitrate level reads ‘0’ through the reactor; this will usually take 1-2 weeks to complete. Increase flow to reactor to 1 drip per 2 seconds for a further 1-2 weeks or when the nitrate level again read ‘0’. Increase to 1 drip per second for 1-2 weeks or when the nitrate reads ‘0’.

    Following this basis continue to increase the flow rate to its maximum flow of approx. 1-2 litres per hour.


    Set up:


    • Fit Tee Piece to required pump supply outlet.
    • Secure hosing to Tee Piece and then to the inlet (base) of the nitrate reactor (Sulphur, Yellow Beads).
    • Vertical position of reactor(s) is required.
    • Run the exit of the nitrate reactor (Using either tube provided) into the Bottom Hose of the buffer Reactor
    • Then fit the Hose to the exit of the Buffer Reactor into the Aquarium or Sump.




    • The above set up stage can be done with or without the buffer reactor. When the two are twinned up, check quality of water coming out the exit end of the buffer Reactor.

    2. A Pre filter is recommended. This will collect and stop detritus from entering the reactor, spoiling the efficiency of the Nitrate reactor.

    3. The Nitrate reactor may produce nitrates for the initial set up period. We recommend you run the affluent from the reactor into a container rather than run into your system until the reactor begins to mature.

    4. Vertical Position of Reactor is required.

    5. Check the ph coming from the reactor periodically. If ph is running low, extra buffering maybe required. Run the effluent over coral sand etc to higher ph before entering the aquarium

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