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O2000 Ozone Reactor and Carbon Reactor.

O2000 Ozone Reactor and Carbon Reactor.


Ozone Reactor O2000 (2000l).


You can have a closer look at the reactors at Cleartides Ozone Reactor 02000 - YouTube

Cleartides Pro 300 and Ozone Carbon Reactor. - YouTube


The Ozone reactor works by mixing the water and ozone under pressure within a reactor, using the wet and dry method, and with reverse flow to allow greater contact time between water.


For greater efficiency we recommend using our specially modified maxijet 1000 to be used with this reactor.  The pump forcefully pre-mixed the water and ozone before entering the ozone reactor chamber, allowing greater gas exchange and oxidation of organic material than simply bubbling ozonated air through a column of water, when an air pump induction alone.


Kit includes: 

O2000 Reactor, Carbon Reactor with Carbon Media (2000mls), Control Valve and 2m piping.

Items Required : Air pump, Water pump and Ozone Generator.


Ozone Reactor (mm)

Height: 600

Base footprint: 175

Reactor: 150

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