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Overflow Box (2000lph)

Overflow Box (2000lph)


Overflow Box (2000lph)


You can have a closer look on youtube:


This Overflow box is to allow water to pass fom the aquarium to sump, without the need to drill the aquarium.

The cleartides overflow box will move around 2000lph and is fitted with 2 x 20mm pvc union outlet to allow easy removal of the box from the piping when cleaning or adjustment is required.


Dimensions (mm)

Aquarium glass width max: 95mm

Aquarium water level from lip: 50 to 90.


If less distance is required the box will require wedging to do so.Please allow 10mm to 30mm or so to for adequate water flow and skimming of aquarium water.


Aquarium to wall: 95Box width: 110Max flow rate: 2000lph

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