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Phytoplankton Reactor  200 (200mls)

Kit Consists of :

Feeder 200, Valves x 2, 2m Piping and Tee Piece.

The Tee Piece is to allow an existing pump to supply the continuous water supply. As a 'drip' rate of flow is required, there is no effect on the normal running of the existing pump.


Please State On Purchase Size Of Tee Piece Required (Outlet Diameter Of Supply Pump)


Additional Equipment Required : Air Pump.


Corals benefit from constant supply of both zooplanton and phytoplankton to the aquarium but until now there has not been a device that an actually drip feed zooplankton and phytoplankton to your tank.

Auto Feeder hangs on the side of your aquarium or sump and draws water from your aquarium, mixes it with a solution of zoo or phyto and drip feeds it back into your aquarium or sump.

The zoo or phyto is kept in suspension by the use of an air inlet at the bottom of the reactor.


Auto Feeders can all so be used as a Brine Shrimp Hatchery which can be automatically dosed into your aquarium.


Auto Feeders can be used on Fresh/Marine aquariums where young or more delicate fish need constant supply of food.



Height           : 250mm   

Chamber Dia: 40mm

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