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Midi 100

Midi 100


Designed for aquariums up to 100gals/ 440l

Ideal for use as a Phosphate Reactor to keep iron based media in suspension. Can be used for a multitude of filter media, such as phosphate remover and activated carbon and as a fluidised sand filter.



150 lph - 300lph for Sand, Carbon and other lighter media's.                                  

300lph- 500lph for Rowaphos and other phosphate removers.


Hoses :12mm (use 10mm piping for a nice water tight fit)



250mls fluidised

500mls Max.


Dimensions (mm) :

Height:               350
Base footprint:   80
Circular Column: 60

  • Instructions

    • If required, glue the 90o pvc elbow into position: aiming to allow easy flow to the aquarium or sump. The elbow can be glued with standard super glue.
    • Invert reactor and add desired amount of media and refit union.
    • Secure 12/13 mm tubing from pump supply or tee piece and run piping via control valve to the union fitted to the inlet (base) of mini/midi reactor.
    • Vertical position of reactor is required.
    • Fit piping to the exit of the reactor and run back to the Aquarium or Sump.
    • Close control valve and supply power to the pump.
    • Open control valve till media begins to lift. Aim for a 'simmering’ of media.
    • Overtime adjust control valve to suit.


    Adding Media:


    1. Close valve and then 'cut' power to the supply pump.

    2. Remove reactor from hanging position.

    3. Invert reactor and remove pvc union and then remove used media.

    4. Add desired new media.

    5. Screw the union back in position.

    6. Return power to the pump and open valve slowly till the media lifts once more.

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