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Pro 150

Pro 150


You can see a PO4 150 running on youtube...


Ideal for use for all media's which would benefit from being fluidised.

Can be used for a multitude of  media's, such as phosphate remover, activated carbon and bio pellets... just remove the sponges.

Designed as a free-standing, in sump or as a hang-on reactor.

Please state on purchase if you would like a hang-on bracket fitted... as the reactor will be sent without a bracket otherwise.


Pump  : 250 lph -1500 lph (dependant on media used).

Hosetails :12mm (use 10mm tubing, this makes a nice tight fit).

Max Capacity: 1000mls


Dimensions (mm):

Height:             400

Base footprint: 130 x 130 

Column Dia:      90

  • Instructions

    1. Unscrew wings nuts of lid, and remove.

    2. Remove top sponge.

    3. Fill to the desired amount of media… making sure the bottom sponge is sitting to the bottom disk.

    4. Place the top sponge back in the reactor chamber… and then add perforated tray to secure the sponge.

    With the Dual, Slip the ‘O’ ring down the downpipe to desired height and perforated tray then add sponge... then media to suit... add lid in place and screw down gently the wing nuts.

    5. Fit 13mm tube to the pump supply which is situated in the aquarium or sump and run it to the centre hose (inlet) reactor with a control valve inline sited as close as possible to the reactor inlet.

    Note: Heat the piping in hot water to help ease the piping over the fittings 

    6. Close Control Valve.

    7. Then run piping (again heating the piping) from the outlet of the reactor to the aquarium or sump.

    8. Now give a quick look over the setup to make sure everything’s OK and start the pump.

    9. Open and close the inlet valve to the desired amount of flow is required.

    Changing of Media.

    • Close the inlet valve fully and turn off the power to the pump.
    • Place reactor in a small container and remove the lid… The container will catch any water from the reactor.
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