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Refugium 500LRS (Stage 2)

Refugium 500LRS (Stage 2)


Cleartides : Refugium 500RS Stage 2 


Includes: Pump, Led Light,  Caribsea Arag-live and Coral Sand) 

This all new design caters for the hobbyist with smaller aquariums.

The 500RS allows all the filtration required to keep the inhabitants happy to be placed in a compact hang on unit... no more unslightly skimmer or heaters in the aquarium.

The 500RS is designed to carry a Tunze 9004, but any skimmer with dimensions  111mm x 110mm will fit fine. These dimensions will allow two 40mm diameter heaters to be also fitted. If heaters are not required, you can fit a protein skimmer with measurements 111mm x 170mm

When it comes to the heaters, we recommend 50w x 2. As homes now have better constant heating, larger models are not required.. unless your running in a unheated room, then 2 x 100w will be required.
The heaters must be no longer than 250mm as the water height in the refugium will be running around 250 - 270mm

The 500RS can be hang on the back of the aquarium and allows the pump supplied to feed the unit with water. The skimmer then cleans and the water heated before entering the refugium compartment and then leaving the unit under gravity through a return pipe.


Pump inlet and outlets will be supplied loose, gluing maybe required.

Aquarium Capacity: 60 - 250 l (Dependant of bio load)

Dimensions :

Length: 500mm 

Width (front to back):  120mm

Depth (top to bottom): 300mm

Hang-On Bracket Width: 30m

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